List of Dogs which have been DNA tested as CLEAR for the Dilute gene

Below is a list of the names of dogs who have been tested clear and submitted to the Register

A Sense Of Pleasure's Odine at Lakemeadow (Imp Deu)
Abbeystead Glamour at Tanronens
Abbeystead Pageant at Rumhill
Albian's Athos Cum Claychalk (IMP BGR)
Amberstope McKenzie Pure (A.I.)
Amberstope Wynn Dixie
Annakay Billy Jean
Annakay Short n'Sweet
Annakay Sugar Candy
Annakay Sweet Charity
Antonine Charley Barley
Antonine Cinderfella
Antonine Honolulu (A.I.)
Antonine Sweet Dreams (A.I.)
Antunno Will Parry
Arrowmoy Madame Butterfly (IKC)
Ashdale Margaritas with Jancerie
Baileydale Harmony of Marchurch
Baileykin Honey Bee at Willokin
Baltarram Arizona Rising
Baltarram Avery Tower
Beskerby Nutcracker
Blackhills Eclipse Of The Sun Over Jancerie
Bogarie Gunner
Bowsian Back On Track
Bruadarach Baile Eilidh
Buckholt Laddingford
Caer Bren Hampstead Heath
Caer Bren McLeod 
Carriegame Moonshine
Centenalee Go Pippa Go
Centenalee Meadow Mint
Centenalee Miss Madelyn
Centenalee Pippa Rose
Centenalee Silver Ice
Centenalee Spring Time
Centenalee Sweet Meadow
Chadfrith Alcazaba
Chadfrith Azulejos
Chadfrith Catalunya
Chadfrith Klose Encounter
Chadfrith Kute Encounter at Ryedown
Chyanhal Pendray ln Trendlewood
Chyanhal Trevose Of Trewinnard
Clairstone Sweet Memory of Seatallan (IMP DNK)
Claychalk Costa Mark at Dunnabbey
Dovecrag Fern D'Argent in Woodmist
Dunnabbey Step Outside
Elisabetta Red Teddy
Foxrush Half Penny
Harrop Lady Blackstar
Harrop On The Horizon
Harrop Once In A Lifetime
Harrop Pick Pocket
Harrop Pipe Dreamer
Heatherside Hilton at Smacom
Icarus Black Magic
Icarus Call Me Madam
Jancerie La Vie En Rose
Jancerie Mellow Yellow
Jaybec Winter Wispa
Just Sailing (A.I.)
Knowjoes Bwalya Sabine Ania 
Labs To Love's Oliver Tolliver
Lacote Black Aberdine Angus
Lakemeadow Living The Dream
Lightbringer Frodon
Llanstinan Mascara with Stebel
Lyjansen Simba's Savanna
Magnavalleys Bespoke
Magnavalleys Black In Time
Magnavalleys Cornishman
Magnavalleys Man On The Moon
Magnavalleys Paint It Black
Magnavalleys Trebah 
Mallorn's Tattoo in Rocheby (IMP FIN)
Marlyford Boogie On Brown to Willokin
Marlyford Buster Brown for Willokin
Marlyford Valentino at Willokin
Marshwiggle Miss Marple
Marumrose Shotowah River
Mattriella Maybe This Time for Dakross
Mattand Exodus
Mattand Look To The Future at Treantagh
Meadovillabs Finding Dory via Dunnabbey
Meadowline Mi Chico
Meadowline Mon Amour for Aughtonchase
Mialuna Montys Pied Piper
Naiken Classic Cliché
Naiken Dance Rhythm
Naiken East Meets West (A.I.)
Naiken Elite Envoy (A.I.)
Naiken Etoile (A.I.)
Naiken Glass Slippers
Naiken Zephyr
Newhorizon Sing It Again at Bruadarach
Nigabee Blueberry
Nigabee Blush
Nigabee Honey Bee at Aughtonchase
Nigabee Ivory Ice
Nigabee Lincoln Green
Nigabee Orange Blossom
Nigabee Pastel Blue
Nigabee The Judge
Notonlyblack Eclipse Of  Moon at Willokin (IMP ITA)
Oakhouse Officers Club at Smacom
Oakhouse Och Aye
Oakhouse Oleksandr
Oakhouse Our By Our
Old Salt (A.I)
Poniel Reason To Believe at Bruadarach
Poolstead Promised Land (A.I.)
Potomac Creek's Barberton Daisy
Potomac Creek's Dixie Land Delight
Potomac Creek's Norton Reserve
Quinstone Topaz Temptation
Ramalley Flutter
Ramalley Gerti
Ramalley Gorka
Ramalley Hussy
Ramalley Juneberry
Rocheby Horn Blower
Rocheby Mr Tom (RE IMPORT) 
Rocheby Old Punch
Rocheby Old Timer (A.I.)
Rocheby Sunflowers at Baltarram
Rocheby Town Cryer
Rocheby Waterbrook Silk Slipper
Rochevale Cinderella at Baltarram
Rochevale First Class
Rossacre Dornford
Rossacre That'll Do
Rossacre Zackerie
Rumhill Emerald Star
Ryedown Karactere of Chadfrith
Ryedown Master Chocolatier
Sandylands Fern
Sandylands Over The Moon to Ludalor
Sandylands Trade Secret
Santa Caterina And I Love Her
Saranden Pennsylvania
Saranden Pensacola
Saranden Rock Your Baby
Saranden Santee Sioux Timouron
Saranden Shadeuxplay
Saranden The River
Seatallan Calypso
Seatallan Chilli
Seatallan Walnut
Seatallan Waterlily
Seatallan Yellow Archangel (A.I.)
Serengoch's Lincoln Gyda Argishalee (A.I.) 
Shadbudpips Aghios Sostis
Shaymiloney Solsantolina
Singwood Orange Swift at Stebel
Smacom Onyx Crusader
Smacom Saphire Flora
Smacom Saphire Founder 
Stelainros Harlequin at Rocheby
Stmakajo Boba Fett
Sudeo Deacon Brodie (RE-IMPORT)
Sudeo High Time
Sudeo Roxy
Sudeo Serena
Sudeo Suedois
Taylorcherry Pretty Sadie at Thorpewillow
Timouron Savannah
Tissalian Hi Chaperal
Tissalian Hi Class
Tissalian Hi Jack
Tissalian Tias Jewel
Treantagh English Rose
Trendlewood Born To Run
Trendlewood Day Dreaming
Trendlewood Superstition
Trewinnard Belgravia
Trewinnard Bespoke
Trewinnard Piccadilly
Trewinnard Tamar
Trewinnard The Tailor
Tylersgreen My Precious at Timouron
Velvetine Paisley Park
Velvetine The Bride
Velvetine Willow
Vicford Aladdin Arghishalee
Warringah's Wirrabara at Timouron
Waterbrook Pillow Talk
Waterbrook Zefarina
Willokin's Bella Rosa
Woefdram's American Abbygail with Antonine (IMP NDL)
Wynfaul Flynn
Wynfaul Happy New Year for Saranden
Wynfaul Resolution for Saranden
Zandawn Atlantic Leap


More details of dogs and owners are available in a download

Details of dogs clear of the dilute gene